Marko Ignjatović

Core competences: Intelligent control, Thermal Engineering. Marko is Assistant Professor at FMEUN covering classes related to HVAC (air conditioning and ventilation, heating, district heating, energy efficiency, building energy performance modelling and simulation) and author of more than 50 papers related to building energy performance, energy efficiency, operational optimization of HVAC, HVAC systems control. He is very active in Serbian society for HVAC&R, as well as in ASHRAE (Danube Chapter). He participated in organization of various international conferences (International Congress of HVAC “Međunarodni kongres o KGH”, SIMTERM, ECOS 2011 etc.) He participated in numerous international and national research and commercial projects related to HVAC, building energy efficiency and energy efficiency in industry. In addition to research and teaching, Marko is head of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering District Heating System starting from 2015 onwards. He is a reviewer for many scientific journals (Energy and buildings, Thermal Science, Science and Technology for the Built Environment, Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering etc.).