Ivan Ćirić

Core competence: AI, Intelligent control. Ivan is Associate Professor at FMEUN with a long-time background in the fields of AI, control systems, robotics, genetic algorithms and neuro-fuzzy modelling and control with over 120 citations on 21 papers in renowned journals. Most of his scientific work was closely tied with energy efficiency and thermal science through many projects in which he participated (ERASMUS+, IPA, TEMPUS). He was head of the Laboratory for Control Systems at FMEUN in period from 2012 to 2018, a long-term member of Association of Serbia for Systems, Automatic Control and Measurements (SAUM), Scientific Advisory Board of the SAUM conferences series and member of the SAUM Conference Organizing Committee. He worked as reviewer in many scientific journals (IEEE Access, Journal of Field Robotics, IET Image processing, Automatika etc.).